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The history of Shinko Seiki Co., Ltd. began in 1949 with the leasing of a factory of Kawanishi Machinery Manufacture in Nagata Ward, Kobe City, and the manufacture of comber machines, cinema projectors, profile projectors and others. The Kawanishi conglomerates was dismantled and we began to take charge of manufacturing projects from Kobe Kogyo. In 1951, we succeeded in manufacturing vacuum pumps and vacuum equipment, which were required to be domestically produced at that time.
Thereafter, while we have been actively engaged in manufacturing in various fields, such as the optical business, we have steadily refined our vacuum technology. Some of our products are vacuum pumps, which boast the top share of the domestic market. We have been supported by many customers and partner companies as a long-established manufacturer of vacuum equipment, and have moved forward to this day.

Advanced Manufacturing with Higher Added-Values

Realize our thoughts and support The next-generation Monozukuri.

We are proud that one of our strengths, which we have built up over many years, is our technological capabilities that embody our customers’ thoughts. We have continued to propose technologies and equipment not only to produce a fixed product, but also to realize the customer’s desire to do this.
For example, We were involved in the early development of flat-panel TV, which is now commonplace. Our technologies have also been introduced to the facilities of universities and research laboratories. The vacuum technology of Shinko Seiki is now in place of the next generation of manufacturing and R&D required of society. We have responded to the voices of various customers with the technical capabilities we have cultivated since our founding, and this is precisely why our technologies have adopted in a wide range of fields, including consumer electronics, semiconductors, and automobiles, without specializing in the industry.

Our employees are enthusiastically committed to manufacturing, in which they want to realize what they want to do themselves rather than working as just a gears of the organization. And new “Monozukuri” will not be never born without failure. We are committed to continue to pursue technologies that no one has done through the concerted efforts of our employees while continuing to make positive failures.

Four goals for realizing a sustainable society.

Based on our corporate philosophy, we formulated SDGs Statement in September 2021 and set four key goals.

The first is “Responsibility for Quality.”Product quality is directly linked to customers’ production plans and their trust. Since 1999, we have acquired and maintained ISO9001 quality management standard, and we are striving to improve quality.

The second is “Human Resource Development and Activity.”Shinko Seiki is a technology-based company. We have established a system and an employment environment in which employees can pass on the technologies they have cultivated and acquire the latest technologies, and in which each employee can grow further by dispatching lecturers to educational institutions, holding presentations at academic conferences, attending seminars, and helping employees acquire various types of qualifications.

The third is “Consideration for the Environment.”As a matter of fact, vacuum technology is indirectly linked to environmental protection. For example, by forming DLC (Diamond- like carbon) coating on automotive engine components, which is processed under vacuum, it contributes to improved fuel efficiency. We will continue to propose technologies that realize a decarbonisation society with a sense of mission for environmental protection.

The fourth is “Contributing to Local Communities.”We make donations to educational institutions in Hyogo and Shiga, where our head office and factories are located, and actively promote industry-government-academia projects and educational collaboration with local schools. We will help revitalize local communities and train future engineers.

Through these four goals, we intend to contribute to the formation of a sustainable society by realizing environmentally friendly, high-quality “Monozukuri”.

Four goals for realizing a sustainable society.
Advanced Manufacturing with Higher Added-Values

Technologies continue in future that can only be developed by Shinko Seiki.

I joined Shinko Seiki in April 1983 as an engineer in the hope of being involved in manufacturing in the local area of Shiga Prefecture, and was elected President and Chief Executive Officer at the General Meeting of Shareholders held on March 17. 2023.

As the domestic market shrinks and becomes chronic, we intend to strengthen our relationships with domestic customers while also strengthening sales to India and other overseas markets in the future.

We will respond flexibly to changes in the times and continue to refine our technologies that can only be developed by Shinko Seiki, which produces next-generation products. And when customers want to do something in their field, when they are in trouble, we want to continue to be a company that they remember us as a first choice, and makes them safisfied as they were asked to Shinko Seiki. We would like to continue to build on the trust of our customers in the future.

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