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Notification on Business Management Structure


                                   September 30, 2020
To our valued customers ;
                                   Shinko Seiki Co., Ltd.

                  Notification on Business management Structure
          (Notification of Termination of Telecommuting and
                     Continuation of Staggered working hours at Tokyo Branch Office)

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your exceptional cooperation as usual.

To prevent pandemic coronavirus infection, we have shifted telecommuting and staggered
working hours at the Tokyo Branch Office. However, the number of infected persons in the
Tokyo Metropolitan area is decreasing compared with the beginning of August. Therefore,
we terminate telecommuting. However, since infection control measures need to be continued,
we would inform that we will continue to take staggered working hours shift.


【Staggered working hours:Equipment sales division and Component sales division】

Implementation Period
 (Possible shortening or continuation
      depending on the situation)
October 1st ~ End of December, 2020
Working hours ① 7:50~16:20 ② 8:50~17:20

*Other offices (The Head office, Kobe factory, Shiga Moriyama factory, Kobe branch
 office, and Kanto service center) are operating as usual.

                                     End of the message

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