Arc Filament type Ion Plating equipment (AF-IP equipment)

The equipment is an Ion Plating equipment of new method which achieves kinds of coating
(thick film oxidized film・carbonized film etc.) with PVD technology, that previously has been
put to practical use with CVD method only.

 “Arc Filament type Ion Plating equipment” performs ionization effectively by impact
between evaporating particle and thermal electron on evaporation source.
In addition, it is able to form kinds of precise reaction film with strong adhesion
(nitride film・oxidized film・carbonized film・carbon nitride film) due to reaction of
supplied gas and ionized evaporating particle.

Moreover, it achieves thick film forming of oxidized film which was difficult to be formed
with existing “Arc discharge type Ion Plating equipment”.
New type PVD coating with Arc Filament type Ion Plating equipment is expected to be utilized
for a lot of applications such as precision metal mold or parts of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Applicable film type
Oxidized film   Yttria (Y2O3)          ※New developed film
         Alumina(Al2O3)   ※New developed film
Carbonized film SiC                            ※New developed film
Nitride film   TiN
Other kinds of metallic and reaction film

Coated film cross-section photos

New developed film
Previous film


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