Onion-like carbon (OLC)

We have established mass-synthesis technology for onion-like carbon (OLC), a kind of nano carbon. This material provides ultra-low friction under high surface pressure.

When OLC is added to lubricating oil and other materials, improvements in tribological characteristics and functionality can be expected.

OLC exists as nano particles that consist solely of carbon. It is a new environmental-friendly material that poses no harm to the human body. Regardless of use in air or under vacuum, OLC exhibits excellent tribological characteristics. Therefore, OLC is expected to be used as an additive for engine oil, metal cutting oil, grease and resin materials, and to be applied to dispersion plating. Enlarged applications of OLC make contributions to energy conservation and environmental improvement.

Physical property

TEM image


X-ray diffraction pattern



Tribological characteristics

The friction coefficient and wear volume resulting from a 1 wt% addition of OLC to oil are shown below.

When OLC is added to oil, the friction coefficient is reduced by 30%, and wear volume is reduced to one tenth.


08-01-04 重点-オニオンライクカーボン(OLC)トライポロジー特性グラフ 

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