Plasma cleaning unit, POEM

POEM is a plasma surface cleaning unit with a parallel plate RIE plasma system that enables substrate surface processing (cleaning, reduction, oxidation, etc.) .
Changing the process mode and process gas expands the range of application.
Two models are available according to substrate size: large-size substrate (450 × 450 mm) and small-size substrate (250 × 250 mm).

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Plasma cleaning unit, POEM


  • Despite its compact body, this unit can process large areas (at least 8 inch).
  • This unit is effective for hydrophilic processing before mounting and for organic film/oxide film removal.
  • This unit can also be used for resin substrate surface processing.

Process mode selection

HARD and SOFT modes can be selected. The HARD mode provides excellent processing efficiency, while the SOFT mode further minimizes the potential damage to substrates.

Surface processing mechanism


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