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Information on announcement of Arc Filament type Ion Plating equipment


We Shinko Seiki Co., Ltd. start launching of new product,
Arc Filament type Ion Plating equipment.

This equipment mounts new type evaporating particle ionization mechanism, and it achieves
thick film forming of oxidized film which was not formed with existing ADIP
(Arc discharge type Ion Plating) method.
In addition, it is able to form precise Sic film that is achieved with CVD method only.

Not only SiC film, but we established coating technology of oxidized film such as Alumina
(Al2O3) and Yttria (Y2O3) with this equipment.
We are developing new applications for SiC film and other new type of film.  
We have already started sales promotion of the equipment, and plan to promote it for existing
hard film (Ti group・Cr group) applications.

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