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Request for preventing infection of the new coronavirus


                              February 17, 2020
Dear Sir / Madam,
                             Shinko Seiki Co., Ltd.

       Request to customers entering our building or premises

We greatly value your patronage to our products at all times.

In order to prevent the spread and infection of the new coronavirus to employees, we
have refrained from leaving for the target area (China, Hong Kong, Macao) and
enforced the following limitation on work for employees returning from the target area.
Therefore, we ask that customers who enter our buildings and premises have the
following conditions,
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


<Conditions entering buildings and premises>
● 14 days have passed since leaving the target area (China, Hong Kong, Macao)
● No fever during the above period and no respiratory symptoms such as fever or
   severe cough at the time of entering our places

                              Sincerely yours,

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