Vacuum exhaust unit

Having a wide variation of vacuum pumps, SHINKO SEIKI can provide users with the best products for their needs. Pumps can also be combined into a system configuration to deliver high reliability in applications across low and medium vacuum ranges.

[Selection of back pump]

Mechanical booster pump is not designed for compression or exhausting to atmospheric pressure. Its performance will vary depending on the type and performance of the back pump. Therefore, to configure an exhaust system using a mechanical booster pump, it is necessary that the most appropriate back pump be selected for user’s purpose of use.

  • Select a back pump whose exhaust capacity is 1/2 to 1/10 of mechanical booster pump.
    For continuous operation under relatively high operating pressure, select a large-capacity back pump. For continuous operation under relatively low operating pressure, select a small-capacity back pump.
  • In consideration of the performance characteristics of oil sealed rotary pumps and water-ring pumps, oil sealed rotary pump should be selected as a back pump for operation under high vacuum, and a water-ring pump should be selected for a process where a large volume of condensable gas is exhausted under low vacuum.
  • Various pump combinations are available to fit specifications. Therefore, contact us for further information before selecting pumps.

Vacuum exhaust system


Standard exhaust system


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