Dry vacuum pumps SST/SSX series (Screw type)

Featured by the uniquely developed screw rotor, a mechanical structure that pursues ease of maintenance and a wide selection of accessories, the SST/SSX series provides stable performance even in hard processes which have been considered as unsuitable with existing dry pumps, involving the suction of coagulative gas, powder or product, resulting in a longer maintenance cycle.

SHINKO SEIKI, as a pioneer of vacuum pumps, proposes the SST/SSX series as the next-generation of standard vacuum pumps designed and built to support the customer’s business operations.


  • ZERO EDGE screw
    With the uniquely developed screw shape, the SST/SSX  series pumps provide high discharge and high durability, thus enabling stable operation even in hard processes.
  • Pursuing ease of maintenance
    The SST/SSX series pumps can be easily cleaned and disassembled in their installation sites, by using the breakthrough method that looks at details from the user’s point of view.
  • Various optional accessories
    With various optional accessories such as a cleaning inlet pipe set, maintenance frame set, heater set, etc., the SST/SSX series pumps offer users optimized specifications. Also, the SST/SSX series pumps can be equipped with various motors, such as outdoor types, pressure-resistant/explosion-proof types, high-efficiency types, etc.


  • Industrial furnace (Sintering, degreasing, carburizing and general heat treatment)
  • Resin forming (Extruder, forming machine)
  • Chemical production, food-processing and medical devices manufacturing processes (Polymerization, reaction, distillation, dehydration, drying, freeze-drying, concentration processes, etc.)
  • Silicon monocrystalline pulling equipment
  • Vacuum cleaning equipment


Performance curve

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